How to Prepare Yourself for the Post-Military Jobs?

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There are times when people serving in the army decide to leave the field and shift to the civilian workforce. At times, they just want to explore the other side of the workforce just to know how things function there. Shifting to an altogether different field can be challenging for anyone. Though you can ease down the process of transition by enrolling yourself into the Transition Assistance Program (TAP). This program will allow you to get prepared for the job market. Ex-military leaders give training to those who are seeking to shift to another field. The course helps you find the most appropriate job openings, ways to develop a strong resume and how to perform in interviews.

Horace Graham Andalusia

In this article, we intend to highlight the career success tips for those who are planning to shift from the military to the civilian workforce.

Know how to make use of your existing skills:

By working in the military, you have already gained a great number of skills. Many of these skills can be used in your upcoming jobs as well and you can also leave a strong impression on the employer by adding these skills in your resume. At first, you need to think of all the skills that can be used and will be highly valued in another field. For instance, if you have trained a lot of soldiers in the field, you can translate your ability to train people to educational roles in the corporate setting.

Refrain military terms:

Once you are out of the military, abandon all the military slangs and terms used in the field because these terminologies cannot be understood in the civilian world. Try to keep things simple and start adapting yourself to the new environment. Moreover, once you are in the corporate world, you must also stop relying on military time because it’s not applicable in the civilian world. Use regular terms like a.m. / p.m. for referring to time.

Abandon formal terms:

Once you have made up your mind for shifting to the corporate world, know that you should not use formal terms for addressing your colleagues. Remember that you are no longer serving in the military and now you have to call your co-workers by their actual names.

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How to Prepare Yourself for the Post-Military Jobs?unratedHorace Graham2019-07-12 02:57:01There are times when people serving in the army decide to leave the field and shift to the civilian workforce. At times, they just want to explore the…

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